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Since NGS began a bespoke signwriting service in 1981 the industry grew, died and is now bursting into life again.

We are feeding this great art revival in all sorts of ways. We love providing a wide range of hand written, gilded and painted lettering. it’s what our forefather’s did and what we continue for our young art crew today: lettering shop fronts, retail windows, doors, panels and walls. Our most popular work includes retail displays, hospitality, bars, restaurants, hotels, galleries, homes, objects and offices.

Joined and assisted now by the keen heart, eye and hand of Tobias Newbigin and new crew below. NGS is a leader in quality bespoke sign painting across all London.

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Signwriting is real graphic design as it was before some plastic mouse killed it…

10004014_10152410464080625_305485457_n Crew NGS Top: Nick Tobi Nulgun. Mid:  Alice   BUT THERE’S MORE  -  NGS IS ALSO A FREETRADE ART COOPERATIVE TRAINING PROGRAM

I has become we. Trade has become share, learn, earn.

This is big news in a commercial world because as of April 2014 NGS has embarked on the generation of skills, value and non profit charity drives. We offer Signsmith training along with the chance to work with us on future projects. It means if you can’t afford full fees, then you can pay by assisting us instead.   That is win win.   JOIN US –  


Another Country Sign by NGS

Another Country Sign by NGS

Just realised how much one needs to concentrate on the type of spirit of the look one wants to create.. years of wanting it to look some way so so so badly… then ever so gradually it happens.. it gnaws .. for years you feel yeah it’s close but… not saying this is perfect….butthe creation of something unique and special starts to happen. Diamonds I try to make.

Francis Baker Letter carver

Bakers of Fulham – NGS of London – 3 Generations of the very best in Traditional London Lettering

BH NGS signwriting - Barnes South West London

AWakeley fascia 1 done



368 from Nick Garrett on Vimeo.

The Age of the Shop is back… support yr local shops and sign painters

So many of these old photos I have seen, people so proud of their shops and produce, this is what has been missing in large supermarkets since the 80s with computerised checkouts etc.

Morden Bob Jones 30s

I feel we will get back to this more personal shopping experience eventually and in the scheme of things when all this madness passes and we live in this way again all the madness will seem as though it didn’t last for too long.

At the moment we are at a crossroads of completely loosing this quality forever in the wake of so many who have no understanding of this way of life and its preciousness. However the power of those of us who still have that glimmer of memory of these times whether through our own experience as children or through the eyes of our parents and their stories of these times is still strong.

The fine Art of your sign writing Nick Garrett is a true example of keeping traditional ways of working alive and in our lives and there are lots of us who still appreciate quality rather than quantity.

Christine Dodd

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A hand painted sign by NGS inspires an aura of quality and attracts the very best clients through your door. A strong ID empathises with a like-minded clientele, having been made entirely by a design-led creative process in the most bespoke fashion.  And it’s NGS Design Thinking that counts. In a competitive city of clients that increasingly thrive on sharp edge modern/retro design, it talks the right talk… and keeps you most definitely a front runner.

1800311_10203055113476771_91079386_n rabot sky sign writing by NGSosteopath bw

Sylvanian families store in London

Sylvanian families store in London


Just what is it about a vintage hand painted NGS sign?

For one, it’s a genuinely beautiful thing. Secondly it is and expression of the new richness of my creative London culture. Thirdly it’s completely original. Above all else my design experience settles your sign into your brand identity perfectly For you my client, it says so much about your ‘City business’, the people you choose to put behind it, and how you portray yourself. You can put your idea to me for a free design consultation – just email me here:


Your design will be refined  from the concept to final 100% scale layout.  Original and utterly beautiful. ….. A letter is an incredibly important and beautiful thing – in a master’s hands it is born and lives forever.

There are no tricks but for dedication, experience and love of English letters … and London.

Contact Nick for more info on our stylish lettering..

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sign writing by NGS London signwriters

Quality comes first… always

I’ve had some clients say my writing isn’t cheap – and I have to say that just isn’t the truth.  My signs will earn you by turning heads and inspiring the right customers through your door. You get what you pay for in this industry and if you go for best price the chances are the sign won’t succeed in the way you need it to. My original training is in fine art, as a successful portrait painter, and later as a fine antiques restorer in Italy.  Those 2 combined, teach you something about sublime finesse, but more importantly I’ve been a leader in marketing and graphic brand design for 2 decades. Which is exactly what you need for design success. As a result of this blend of skills, your sign from NGS can never be the result of some bloke who’s a good letterer from ‘sarf lundun’ – there’s so much more going on in an NGS sign. It’s down to my special attention to classical art and typographics coupled with a modern ‘Design Thinking’ nutbox – every inch of your bespoke sign has undergone a superb next level design handling and perfection process.  Every serif is refined, intersections beautified, every weight of line polished, checked and ‘balanced’ before it goes to final layout print and paint – and for our Vintage Bespoke collection there are even more hours dedicated to these layers of closely guarded refinements.  The result of which will be for you a superb original identity and a sign that sells you and your products like no other.

And that’s a promise.

Gilded sign by Nick Garrett - Barbour Leadenhall Market London signage

the London

Today I’m working harder than ever developing unique fonts based on the original City and West end styles.A knowledge giving you access to a superb selection of finishes, designs, most likely the best lettering in the world – along with unique concepts I give all clients best of standard services.


NGS – high quality Traditional Signwriting service.

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NGS for Traditional Hand Painted Signs, Murals and Artworks – All over London and UK/EU.

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NGS Signwriting provides a high quality Traditional yet always Modern Sign-writing service, striving to make your business stand out from the crowd. 

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