Restoring the 18th Century mantel – Nick Garrett

Desight for kudobadass typography, Product/Brand design, painted signs NGS London

Working for the leading fireplace gallery in Europe is something I really looked forward to having spent a great morning with the team one day little over a year ago.

I often do that… get a feeling and follow my intuition into places that yield wonderful working partnerships.

This mantle had a pedestal missing along with quite a lot of dings across its nicely crafted carvings.

First task was to stabilise the structural elements and this was done by resetting the struts and pilasters.

Casting came next and for this I used a simple press mould fashion with additional detailing and refinement.

Gold was applied over aged gesso and finally toned with several blends of umber and warm greys.

The secret is to make the piece look lovingly aged and not to over do the toning.  If the gold leaf matches well the toning really need only create the subtle…

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