Finding Gill – Revolting revolutionary. Part 1

Kill Gill???

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As a mentor, teacher, typographic designer, sign writer and survivor of abuse I find myself having to examine my own conscience as to whether or not I can continue to use Gill’s work in my practice.

So as a start-point of this exploration I have included an extract and comments from the BBC article ”Can the art of a paedophile be celebrated?”

My first thoughts are of course sympathy and heartfelt grief for those who suffer abuse and those who suffered under the wretched acts of Gill.

I have to then think about whether I can grant as fact that even such an odious culprit could poses a ‘good side’ let alone be able to bring joy and genuine benefit to society as a whole.  The temptation at this point is to broker comparisons:  would I talk to Hitler about art etc etc.

I dare say at first no…

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