Design Seminars

A hugely important and fun part of what I do is inspiring creative change.

Taking skill sets to others is an integral part of being a craftsperson in any context, setting or age.  By not passing on the wisdom the craft withers and dies.

Today we have thousands of young thriving CP’s out there wanting to find the nugget and create success.

It can be done in a mechanical way – below are a few 1 hour seminars I am delivering in 2014.

Three pillars of great design – This talk sets out the main areas of delivery that optimize and feed one another in the correct sequence.

The Curve  –  just how importance has the loss of the analogue skillsets been on our industry?  What is established by curve based artwork practice?  How does this skill affect the whole.

The Design Spore –  Growing as a design pro relies upon so many facets.  Or does it?  Understanding the importance of the kernel seed of design.

Creative Block Blocker –  It hits us all at some point.  How to prepare and avoid major creative shut down.

Seminar 25.00 per person including snack and wine and NGS Signsmith Creactive learning discounts.

Students and low income half price.

For more information contact me here :

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