The Sign Consultancy – Bespoke advanced signage

We have advanced our bespoke range of signage to include new innovative surface and material applications.  Lettering need never be the same again!

Venetian etched glass signage interior glass panels NGS

These include glass crafted letters,  3D printing, verre eglomise surfaces, perma chalk designs, bespoke applications and new corporate ID signage.


Paul Lawn –  A specialist in architectural applications and project procurement.  Working in close association since the early 80s now hooking up with NGS design on branding and a host of creative lettering expressions.


Chloe Andrea Garrett –  Has the fresh slick knack with finding the spirit of the look… a super stylist crafting client Identity and product essence out of her Australian base.


Nick Garrett –   typographic product design ID


Built-up Bespoke Metal Letters

Beautifully constructed letters and logos with fully hand blended edges

Meticulously crafted, our Bespoke metal built up letters are created in an array of styles and materials to deliver superior quality branding at a price far less expensive than our customers ever expect.

Sensuous craftsmanship – Bespoke Letters

The fully blended edges of bespoke steel letters produce a flawless finish that’s completely smooth to the touch. In the painstaking production process the soldered edge, where the letter face meets the return, is first filed and then highly polished. This method creates a continuous soldered seam which eliminates all sharp points to create a sleek finish which typifies the superior quality of our bespoke letters.

Custom build

Letters and logos are possible at just 50mm in height, with 6mm returns and stroke widths as narrow as 3mm. Created in stainless steel, copper, brass and titanium, finishes include satin, polished, painted and bead blasted effects along with dark and light oxidised brass and copper, copper verdigris and non directional copper and brass.


Halo illumination can be added from a range of LED modules and for exterior applications, gold titanium offers an appealing alternative to brass whilst bronze titanium provides an alternative to copper.

The letters are particularly effective when used for eye level signage as seen in the receptions of law firms and architectural practices where the detailing of the letters can be appreciated.

For further information on Built-up Letters – Premium Metal or any other product please get in touch.



Heritage and Tomorrow – Gallery of works and Inspiration

Custom Graphics and Prints

Covent Gdn Ghost sign NGS

Aged letter inspiration for our custom printing and hand lettering

Below:  Classical Venetian Verre EglomiseVenetian Verre Eglomise, distressed mirroringPrinted lettersYellow band zag Box Gym by NGS London

Interior Graphic wall decor at Box Gym

Urban mirror silvered lettering

Mirrored lettering with urban scrape detail Nick Garrett Signs

Classic fairground replica letters

custom_fairground_lettersNo7 temple1

Brand ID concept and designT&G 3D gold copyLondon Shop signs London Shop signs

Wraps and prints

POD old hand Sand Poetica signwriting NGS Custom printingSignwriting in Notting Hill Nick Garrett NGS Creative signwriters

Foliage mural for new brand ID
Foliage mural Strutt and Parker

Signwriting POD Nick Garrett NGS Creative signwriters


new innovative signage


 Our Heritage Gallery




New Graphic ID