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My first experience of lettering was watching my grandfather carve serifs in stone.

From grandad I get my understanding of classical beauty.

At 21 I graduated from Camberwell School of art with an honours degree in Fine Art winning First prize .

Camberwell gave me accuracy and tonal control.

I then carried out a signwriting apprenticeship with the incredible poster-writer Andrew Whitmore, before trading independently as a brewery gilder and sign maker for Watney’s, Benskin’s and Taylor Walker, winning Best Pub Sign in my first year.

From Andy I get my clean, crisp, flowing lettering.

Since growing up within a lettering heritage I have always had a love for it and today I enjoy sharing with my clients my rich knowledge of design and craftsmanship.

Having lived, worked and traveled extensively as a successful designer with Tricia Guild, London remains an increasingly beautiful city and design hub. It is my pleasure to make London more beautiful.

From Tricia I get my sense of colour.

My sign work covers the simplest house numeral to the most glorious glass gilding. But I also offer many other design services. There are many secrets in making bespoke letters look absolutely right – it takes years of experience to know which ones to use – I never use gimmicks.

I stop at nothing to create the perfect final, precision piece, sourcing the best specialist materials from UK, Italy, and Germany and the finest hand pounded English or Italian 23 and 24ct gold leaf. The result is a clean, sleek product.

I can also make a sign look 150 years old.

Brushes are incredibly important to me, my own collection being handed down by several elder writers and sourced from all over the world including Handover’s, Windsor and Newton, USA Kafka, the German Mack brushes and even Chinese and Japanese Zen calligraphy brushes.

With this complete set of tools I can create any type of letter in the world.

I have also 25 years of graphic design experience to infuse the writing with absolutely the finest compositional design and layout. Being an artist has made possible the creation of my own unique London Vintage Fonts. So today I can offer clients truly unique bespoke creations, based on the elder master writers of London, for you to use with the modern twist of today.

These bespoke London fonts are now available online and featured on the website.

I now run regular workshops titled London Signsmiths sharing the love and knowledge for the next generations. It’s great fun seeing young artists flourish.

Many of my past students are now practising writers and keeping the tradition alive.

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