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NGS Reverse Glass Gilding Cataloged 2014.3

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Nick Garrett Gilding on Glass NGS London signwriting 1

Cat 2014

NGS Reverse Glass Gilding Cataloged 2014.1

Oxford Arms Camden

1146604_10203357002583810_175522663_n 1962820_10203356999903743_654271598_n Camden Town Angel Gilding by NGS 10013507_10203357032744564_2080188452_n Oxford Arms Camden


… it gleams and reflects – an unparalled beauty

The power gold has on passers by is what makes it such a key asset to a signwriter’s tool set.  From all angles it is visible .. the sun never bleaches it from view in mid afternoon it glows much as it does at dawn and under artificial lighting it becomes gloriously luminous.

‘Nothing conveys as much impact on a window as gold leaf.’

Raymond. J. Le Blanc. 1978:7

We believe it is true… gold leaf is affordable and the very best way to enhance success and your high impact visual appeal.

Nick Garrett Gilding on Glass NGS London signwriting 2

Upmarket glass gilding NGS

Above – NGS designed the logo and gilded for McCafe advert – Below:  The ad goes viral!!

MCCafe McCafe posters

J-Crew Legendary London Glass Gilding NGS

j crew gilding by ngs

Nick Garrett Gilding on Glass NGS London signwriting 3

Download our Catalog NGS Legendary Reverse Glass Gilding – cataloged 2014

Upmarket glass gilding NGS


Tattoo 4 Love Hate Social club London new sign by NGS

Legendary London Glass Gilders

Crazy Pig Designs UK Nick Garrett Signwriter London Brighton milan Parma

J Crew Reverse Glass gilding NGS
J Crew Reverse Glass gilding NGS

In progress Gold and Platinum signs NGS London


There is no finish more beautiful than gold leaf

Crazy pig gilded on glass

Traditional Hand Signwriting and Gilding: About Water Gilding, Nick Garrett

Nick Garrett is a specialist gilder with restoration and decorative works across the globe.  Recently his projects have included work in West End, prestigious homes and projects in Italy and the City of London.

Photo: FOOTE'S launch in goodstyle!!

Gold leaf Specialists NGS LONDON

Above:  The laying of the 24ct gold leaf for Miami Ink.

Below:  Foote’s had a 10% Distress and the Bread store a heavier fab 30% stressed finish

Even in today’s modern architectural context gold leaf still stands as a statement of tradition, elegance and quality.

Whether you require 24ct English or Italian gold leaf, lemon antique gold, blue bronze, white gold or platinum leaf, I can help choose the perfect material for your design and create a stunning final piece.

Gold leaf is my passion

If you have a gilding project, need genuine expertise and that extra finesse then contact me at londonsignwriter@yahoo.co.uk for more information and pricing.

Please enjoy the examples of my gold leaf work across London.


…. gold is also becoming valuable for other, more practical reasons, and not just jewellery (which accounts for around 80% of the 161,000 tonnes of gold in the world today). In medicine and space exploration, for instance, and especially electronics, gold is now an essential component. “Any electrical gadget, from your iPod to your telephone, will have gold contacts in it,” says Green. “And a lot of modern technology simply wouldn’t work without gold.”

All told, he reckons the electronics industry consumes around 400 tonnes of the metal each year (out of a total annual world production of approximately 2,500 tonnes). And “consumes” is the word, because, for the first time, most of what is being used will never be recovered. The quantities in each device are individually so small, it would not be worth the money to try.

Gold, in other words, will no longer be endlessly reused. It has become mortal. It will always have value – as copper, tin, titanium and all metals do – but it will never be special again. And one day, perhaps, Gordon Brown will be able to say he told us so.

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