Designing your sign – behind the scenes of your perfect sign

London signwriter Nick Garrett – a peek into the artwork department

on the line - Nick Garrett signwriter London

Nick Garrett gives you a great service

If you are mulling over what kind of sign to go for let me know and I can help you with design and layout.

Wolverine centre

Your successful sign

We pride ourself by maintaining a superior level of graphic quality and producing original designs. It’s about the magic of the design studio, and Nick works very closely with all of his clients, from the inception of a design through to its full realisation in paint or gold.

What type of design?

It is important that before you set pen to paper, you identify the direction in which you wish the sign designs to go. We help you identify the type of sign product to suit your needs.  Classic or Modern we can help you make it.

Sign writing Freshly baked NGS Signs

Hand sketching and rendering

Hand sketching is an easy way of developing ideas and details. These sketches we can scan and email to you directly from our studio… no matter the deadline.

Computer Visualisation

We like to use Photoshop. Using graphic computer programs are very useful representations of the final product clearly so you know exactly what you will get.

I always finish these computer layouts with hand drawn refinements.  Most fonts have design flaws when enlarged and require polishing up.

Working drawings

For large scale projects we use full specification drawings that will ensure the absolute accurate processing of your brand ID.

Below are line art exampls that have been refined by hand in computer programs in order to create perfection.

N 6 NGS hand painted Roman numerals


Coil ribbon 3D for Ted Baker - NG Signs

Column snip



This post design went on to become an inhouse design template for Ted Baker A0 sized billboards.

Apoth Sign 900 x 300mm Ted Baker sign layout London sign writer Nick Garrett

Quality Control

Your product needs to be made correctly. First time. Nick Garrett signs ensure from the outset, high quality sign products and successful commercial promotional power – by experience and professional practices.  On time and on cost.

I hope these points were useful and feel free to email me any questions you may have.

Nick Garrett, NGS

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