Making London more Beautiful – NGS Traditional Vintage Sign writer of London

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Making London more Beautiful – Traditional hand painted sign writing by Nick Garrett

Raffety Nick Garrett signwriter 0021920379_10203310701106302_1385134073_n
Raffety Nick Garrett signwriter Antiques Putney store London NGS signwriters
S Spa signwritte by NGS

realising your true potential

Crafting Success

Yep NGS … getting inside your belief… people call it magic but it isn’t – it’s much more than that because it’s real and it costs exactly what your budget fits… actually it’s my gift to you, because I am actually going to give you an extra immeasurable chunk of success this year and beyond, due entirely to your new, beautiful Identity. Because these signs are your 24-7 partners selling your business services and products when you dream, sleep, work or play. But more importantly they allow you to see how beautiful you are so that you can go on to even greater things.


NGS are HOD Nick Garrett, Chloe Garrett and Hannah Matthews

J Norris finished

Camden Town Angel Gilding by NGS 1231514_10203215220719352_605527467_n 1900032_10203302538302237_472918739_n  DESIGNERS Kensington fin Lovely sign show open!! 1900038_10153937840955151_1321999159_n jig fin 1912050_10203214445219965_1685666523_n 
AWakeley fascia 1 done
Lovely Signwriting
Peppiatt with Gold leaf Nick Garrett signwriter london
 London signs NGS hand painted
This page is home to recent classical ”truly hand drawn, painted and gilded” signs…

Fostering Beauty, By Hand – Nick Garrett
I have been a dedicated sign writer since 1981, and while I advocate modern computer based designs for some projects, hand craftsmanship still makes a huge positive difference in most design areas and is actually in greater demand than ever.
Traditional hand painting and gold leaf gilding skills are my great passion and I’m happy to say, remain much admired today with a growing following –  The unique quality of true traditional sign writing is the mark of richness found in the personal touch, and in this digital age the revival of the human touch is extremely important – so to is passing on these skills to a young generation of inspirational artists.

.. today signwriting is enjoying a renaissance thanks to the creative partnership of you and I.

You are in my CLASSIC page – Traditional hand painted sign writing by Nick Garrett
With a traditional painted sign from my pallet it is possible to enjoy the best of both worlds; a beautiful traditional product… with a truly modern and affordable result.
Nick Garrett NGS
Gold leaf Specialists NGS LONDON
0341.jpg London Chalk art  artis chlakie menu boards chalk boards chalkboardsgold-is-ngs1.jpg London Chalk art  artis chalkie menu boards chalk boards chalkboards


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