As a design manager and HOD over the years I have had a lot of opportunity inspiring others and pushing those green shoots into the world of design.  Not much can top hand picking a young lad from the production line and see him develop into a superb design manager or take a spray painter and mentor him into senior creative finishing team-leader.


It’s what we are here to do.



Motivational High Performance – AIS Olympic team April 2000

A 6 part program showing the mens’ Olympic Hockey team in the run up to the Sydney Olympics, how to create better range of movement, flex, recovery and deeper relaxation.  Breath control and meditation formed the basis of these high performance sessions.

Designing ahead of Trend – CAC HK February 2005

A talk to the design team of China Accent HK aiming at enabling the tools and intuitive processes needed when designing 2-3 seasons ahead.

Infomedia Piacenza 2008:  What is Pro-Active English?  Communication and Active Listening skills development

CTS Piacenza 2008:  Understanding Cultural difference and language acquisition.

British Institutes, Piacenza 2009:  New ways of Teaching English as a Foreign Language



Recent Design seminars


Tiger Print London June 2014

A hour talking about what it’s like being active across the London designscape.

The session was made all the more special by the amazing group of artists who make up the team for TP.  The key message was understanding where you come from as an artist and nourishing that source.


Signsmiths London December 2014 – Solving design blocks

Talking through the early stages of design fatigue and strategic focus.  How to deal with fatigue and deadlines. Winning through with proper lifestyle shaping.


Signsmiths London November 2014 – A walk through London Type

This 2 hour talk commenced at Piccadilli Circus and meandered across Soho dropping in on some of London’s most iconic sign mastery.  Looking at the work of David Smith, Edward Johnston among others, some forever unknown.


Oxford University Press  March 2015

Talking about a host of design considerations including the importance of a mechanical process and understanding of typography.  How to manipulate type, demoing drafting of Helvetica, Hawthorn, Trajan and origins of block lettering alongside Gotham.  Creating fonts and designing icons rounded off the day.


Forthcoming – D&AD summer 2015 –  the dredging of no ordinary type.